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A fantastic idea for a movement break I came up with is a purposeful one as well! We do a Opps/Service Delivery break - aka UPS. This is so much fun and the kids love it!

The purpose of this break will be to have "stations" where your kiddo will drop off and pick up packages for delivery. They can tote around a bag/cart with wheels (Thank you GoodWill) and fill up the bag. We have 5 stations at our school, which goes through the entire school. (Lots of movement)

There is so much to do with this service. We added signs on the cart. We also added teachers names for labels on the packages. Deliveries could be made randomly or purposely. We also work on our social skills during delivery if we need to. Pushing or pulling the cart with weight is a great movement break. Again, always check with your ot/pt to make sure that this break is aproved for your charge.

Materials Needed:

Bag/Cart with wheels

Boxes for pick up or drop off stations

smaller packages filled with rice to deliver

This is our bag, a GW find, with wheels. Decorate how you want, we put s spcial delivery sign on it!

Click here for free printable sign:

Here are the

stations we use for drop off or pick up. We place them in the hallways, not to interupt classroom teaching.

Here is an example of our packages. I used our rolls of plain paper with delivery stickers on them.

There are so many variations you can do with these. Add math problems and find the correct sum station. Spelling words, colors, etc. Have fun with it. The upperclassmen in the grade school are super supportive of our breaks, which makes it cool!

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